New years eve finger foods

Happy new years!!!!!!

I made a lot of finger foods last night(stay tuned for my yummy shrimp, cheese and egg puffs for breakfast). Most of these recipes are on my blog already! The one that is not on my blog is my chicken wings. Instead of deep-frying, I grill them. I took 2 pkg.s of wings, seasoned them with my fav. seasonings, placed on the grill until cooked(about 15 min. turning frequently). Once the wings are done, place in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of butter(I use I can’t believe it’s not butter), 1/2 cup of both franks red-hot sauce and your fav. bbq sauce(I like rudys…… it is from Texas). Toss and YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! for the oreo balls… I took a pkg. of oreos w/berry cream filling, crushed them and mixed with softened strawberry cream cheese. Made into balls and dipped in melted white chocolate! OMG sooooo good! Quick and easy! And like I said earlier…. Stay tuned for a twist on breakfast biscuits and gravy. It will have shrimp, cheese and white gravy!


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