tonights mix of chicken, steak and a whole chicken for another recipe.

So, how do you try to cook a whole chicken for soup, make a t-bone steak for your hubby and a chicken breast for you??? This is how….. I soaked mesquite wood all day. Once I decided to light the grill, I seasoned all of my meats. Since I did a poll on which recipe that y’all would like to see. here is the chicken recipe. I took a single chicken breast, pounded it w/ a mallet,  and marinated with light caesar dressing(i like ken’s) and a spicy brown mustard. Once that has marinated for about 30 min. I take my fav. spices and season on both sides of the chicken. Once the charcoal is ready, I add the wood. Since I am cooking a whole chicken as well, I added that to the grill first. Once the whole chicken was on for about 1/2 an hour, I added the steak and the chicken. i cooked the chicken for about 8 min. per side. While that was cooking…. i put a tblspn. of I can’t believe its not butter on a skillet with a tablespoon of minced garlic and added a pkg. of mushrooms on med.-low heat until browned. I also made my sinful delight(I don’t care about chocolate.. I love Mac and cheese lol). So, once the steak and the chicken was done , I topped with the mushrooms, placed a side of mac and cheese and some sweet potato fries……. yummy!!!!!!!!!!! and now I have to shred a whole chicken so I can make my cabbage, veggie, chicken soup tomorrow.. lol Happy eating y’all! And what a way to make 3 dishes in one shot! Talk about multitasking~~~~~


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