tonights mix of chicken, steak and a whole chicken for another recipe.

So, how do you try to cook a whole chicken for soup, make a t-bone steak for your hubby and a chicken breast for you??? This is how….. I soaked mesquite wood all day. Once I decided to light the grill, I seasoned all of my meats. Since I did a poll on which recipe that y’all would like to see. here is the chicken recipe. I took a single chicken breast, pounded it w/ a mallet,  and marinated with light caesar dressing(i like ken’s) and a spicy brown mustard. Once that has marinated for about 30 min. I take my fav. spices and season on both sides of the chicken. Once the charcoal is ready, I add the wood. Since I am cooking a whole chicken as well, I added that to the grill first. Once the whole chicken was on for about 1/2 an hour, I added the steak and the chicken. i cooked the chicken for about 8 min. per side. While that was cooking…. i put a tblspn. of I can’t believe its not butter on a skillet with a tablespoon of minced garlic and added a pkg. of mushrooms on med.-low heat until browned. I also made my sinful delight(I don’t care about chocolate.. I love Mac and cheese lol). So, once the steak and the chicken was done , I topped with the mushrooms, placed a side of mac and cheese and some sweet potato fries……. yummy!!!!!!!!!!! and now I have to shred a whole chicken so I can make my cabbage, veggie, chicken soup tomorrow.. lol Happy eating y’all! And what a way to make 3 dishes in one shot! Talk about multitasking~~~~~


The steak and potatoes that will win ANY mans heart!

So, This is def. a Texas sized T-bone stake!

I took dales steak seasoning and rubbed a capful on both sides. Then sprinkled a little salt and pepper as well. The salt will give it a crispy outside. then I took two tablespoons of butter and about a tablespoon of parsley and apple cider vinegar and pulsed in the food processor. Let the butter mixture just stand while you are cooking. I lit my grill and while that was warming I worked on the sides. Once the grill is ready, I did 12 min. on each side. this gave me a med. steak(and it was a pretty thick steak.. prob. about 1″ thick). Once the steak was done, while resting(about 5 min.) I placed the butter mixture on the top. For the potatoes.. I took 3 red potatoes and boiled until soft. I placed in a bowl, smashed with a fork and added some of the same butter mixture that I put on the steak, salt, pepper and italian seasoning. The Texas shaped dish is marinated mushrooms. I took equal parts(about a teaspoon each) of apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, terriayki sauce, bbq sauce and garlic. Simmer on low heat until the mushrooms wither and stir occasionally(about 30 min.) The mac and cheese dish I will post in the am! And waaaaallllllaaa Ladies, THIS is the way to a mans heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go spend some time with mine now.. ttyl! Happy eating!